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October 13, 2013

I got the idea for my first novel in late Oct 2006. I toyed with it in fits and starts but I didn’t actually start writing it until Feb 2008. It was a fairy tale and the story of how I thought of it and what it became will be the beginning of my Idea Genesis series.

EVER AFTER A Cinderella Story (20th Century Fox)
EVER AFTER A Cinderella Story (20th Century Fox)

At that time it was just going to be a novella because I didn’t know if I had enough story in me for a full novel. But regardless of the length, I was committed to writing it. I wanted to see if I could actually do it. And I dreamed of getting published one day because even if it was short, I wanted it to be good enough to warrant publishing. Length turned out not to be a problem at all.

I still worked on it in binges, mostly between jobs. Because I had very demanding jobs then that didn’t leave any time for much of anything else really. And because while I very much wanted to be published, I had entirely different career designs.

But then, like they so often do, things changed. Because other story ideas kept emerging; asking to be given substance. They may have even mocked me a little bit because I still thought I wasn’t a writer. And the jobs were asking more of me than I wanted to give. So, I decided that I actually wanted to be a writer. (My sister still mocks me because she knew I was a writer long before either the stories or I did.)

Deciding to be a writer meant I could give it proper focus and time rather than ancillary attention. I could tell people that my weekend was very busy because I was writing (even though that usually involves sitting on my couch – mentally it can be quite taxing and also productive). It meant that I decided to be as much of an expert in this field as I had been in my previous career trajectory and it was fun to explore this new world of publishing and books.

And now the next threshold – where I go from aspiring writer to published writer is near on the horizon. My first novel will be self-published and the journey of that will unfold in my blog as it unfolds in my life. I will have posts about the title and the cover and why self-publishing and my experience with that realm, hopefully mingled in with other posts in general about stories and about life to keep things different and interesting.

Because I wouldn’t want anyone to get bored just listening to me talk about my book.

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2 responses to “forays into the unknown

  1. Annette

    As you weave this work of tapestry, I am excited for you to share your journey, and to see the end result of your work!