The PRINCESS Kingdoms

Tattered Heart cover
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Journey to a land of princesses, fairy magic, heroes, curses and legends in this series of young adult fairy tale retellings

The Helion Chronicles

The Helion Chronicles is a sci-fi series with a cinematic twist.

  • Serialized short fiction (designed to be read in about an hour)
  • Same young adult characters, same science fiction world, new adventure each episode
  • Standalone stories (enter the series wherever you’d like)
  • Season arc that connects each episode to tell a larger story
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Helion Chronicles 1.1 Jupiter Run
Helion Chronicles 1.3 Escape Velocity
Helion Chronicles 1.5 Buzzstorm
Helion Chronicles 1.2 Lunar Exiles
Helion Chronicles 1.4 Den of Thieves
Helion Chronicles 1.6 Scion Rising