Annie has always loved stories. As an enthusiastic introvert, she is most content reading or working while watching tv. Though she has learned to convincingly fake extroversion when the moment calls for it. After years working in tv production, she decided one day to see if she could turn an idea into a whole story. She began writing her own fairy tale because she still believes in a world of gallant heroes, where princesses are not frivolous things and honor is not for the faint of heart.

What began as a novella has become The Princess Kingdom series and a fondness for DIY publishing. Her introvert time is now devoted to writing, designing book covers and sharing her experience and tips with other fervent readers, writers and DIY publishers!

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7 random facts

  • I love writing stories and writing about ideas and reading fun books. And, no, that doesn’t count as three things.
  • I learned to build websites to keep from getting bored at work.
  • And I don’t like to be bored.
  • I completely overuse smiley emoticons. And I don’t apologize for it (often).
  • I love chocolate, in all forms, but not cheap chocolate. If you’re going cheat, make it worth it.
  • I adore the smell of coffee but only drink it with a lot of coconut milk creamer and only once a month or so.
  • I’m kind of devastated that they’re breeding the scent out of roses because there is nothing that smells so beautiful and full of life as fresh roses.