Annie Jackson is a young adult author.  Occasionally a bit techie, often a geek and always a lover of stories.  Sometimes in her day job she designs software.  Once upon a time she made tv shows (not, you know, by herself obviously).  But always, behind the scenes, no matter the job that paid the bills, stories were the real work.  The fun stuff.

With two published novels and more on the way, Annie is beginning to pave her way in the publishing industry.  Along the way she has explored the legacy of fairy tales (it’s not at all what you think), produced an audiobook that features a full cast and defied use of the Oxford comma.

Her blog explores the struggles of writing, lessons from tv shows and films and other books, perspectives on character and plot and rather random forays around the world.

Annie Jackson

Weather the fairiestorm and the ocean tempest as a desperate prince seeks to save his kingdom.

Legend comes to life in this retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

How to binge social media with Viraltag
How to binge social media with Viraltag

I binge a lot of things. Not just tv. I binge social media, cooking, writing blog posts, all sorts of things (except, you know, exercise but I’m working on that). When it comes to binging social media, a scheduler is vital. Otherwise I overwhelm my followers and then I’m completely absent and both mean I […]

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Journey to the kingdom of Amaranyllis.

Full of fairy magic, an ancient curse and a court full of suitors in Tattered Heart.

Enjoy a Free Bonus Scene from Tattered Heart!  And get a sneak peek of new stories!