Tattered Heart Released

March 11, 2014

I was going to use a more interesting subject – something along the lines of “no going back” or something else I thought of one day and have since forgotten but then I decided the smart marketing move would be to just say you can read Tattered Heart now.

In fact, you can buy a paperback and a kindle version. And it’s available internationally in English.

It would help tremendously if you’d leave a review (anywhere really but here’s some quick links: amazon, goodreads) since that will help build the metadata that will help other people find it.

In the early stages of writing this novel my editor, Cathleen Cash, would often suggest alternate word choices or phrasing. Because whatever I said, however I said it, was implying one thing and she thought maybe readers would respond better to another thing. We went round and round over several sections because the nuance of words is important to me. Finally, I was able to articulate that when I’m writing a book it belongs to me. It’s my responsibility to write the story the way that I need to; to use the words that mean precisely what I’m trying to say. I have to admit it’s a very comfortable sort of possessiveness – it’s my book.

Then, when I publish it, it belongs to the readers. They can read whatever they want into it. They can like it or hate it or love it and I’ll consider it fair game. They can infer whatever meaning they want into it and I won’t tell them their wrong. They can interpret my words with whatever life experience and context they bring to the reading of them. Because it isn’t my book anymore. I’ve done my part and so it no longer matters what I meant to say – the words mean what the reader finds in them regardless of my intention.

So, here you go. My first novel, my beloved book, belongs to you now.

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5 responses to “Tattered Heart is now available

  1. Kathy

    I’ve ordered our 2 copies and had one sent to a niece. Can’t wait to read your finished copy. love you
    Mom Kathy