their fractured light

December 1, 2015

This story is not nearly as much fun as the one for These Broken Stars. Mostly I was excited to see Amie and Meg again because they are so much fun. And to complete the trilogy and get Their Fractured Light. I had no idea I would laugh so hard or be so giddy when the night was over.

Amie started off with, “I flew 20 hours yesterday so this is either going to be glorious or a car crash. I’m as excited as you to find out which.” It was, in fact, glorious.

I think, perhaps, this just made them a little more free when answering questions, which they did by telling stories. So many stories. Hilarious stories. Which can best be remembered in tweets and quotes.

Before we got to any questions there was a whole thing about The Walking Dead and why Meagan watches it but Amie doesn’t.

Then we got the journey from how they met and became friends described in various levels of nerdery (I can’t decide if they were ascending or descending)…

…to writing These Broken Stars and selling it, “Maybe other stories can be sold for money so we don’t have to have proper jobs.”

When asked about the strangest thing they’d searched in writing these books there was a whole Weekend at Bernie’s Taxidermy Situation which Meagan acknowledged would be weird to tweet out of context, so of course the challenge was accepted.

At some point it veered into discussing Their Fractured Light and we learned quite a bit about Gideon, “I’ve been waiting to write this jerk for years. I love him.”

We learned who destroys all the characters (not Amie, “If I was in charge it’d be, “a bad thing happened but it turns out it’s not so bad.”) and who destroys modern art (that would be Amie).

This quote is totally out of context, I don’t remember what we were talking about the characters but Meg added this caveat, “…the ones who survive. Which is some.”

Despite her tough talk, though, we learned why Meg is an indoor girl.

They spoke a very little bit about their next book, Unearthed, and the fun of shouting in coffee shops about killing people. Whether clarifying that you’re a writer makes the whole outburst better or worse.

And there was even a bit of seriousness for a moment about writing what you know which was worth remembering.

The final valuable lesson of the night is that, if necessary, Meagan will make you pinkie swear not to read the end of the book first. And probably also not to find out about The Thing before you’ve read These Broken Stars.

Amie and Meg would probably be fun to sit around and hang out with for hours. I can’t begin to imagine how much fun they have writing books together. I’m just glad we get to read them and join in the fun.

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