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March 15, 2016

Sometimes being straightforward is so boring. But it’s true, Enchanted Storms is now available in paperback and kindle formats. I’m listening to the playlist because this is likely the last time I’ll listen to these songs in this order… it’s all coming to an end.

And at the same time, it’s all beginning. The launch party was this past Saturday which gave readers their first chance to buy a copy; to hear the opening section; to ask questions about fairy tales and writing and not about Enchanted Storms at all… yet.

It was a fun evening with a short reading and a chance to share Enchanted Storms and talk to people. I realized the best part of a launch party, or I’m sure any sort of author event, is context. When I released Tattered Heart there were plenty of people who read it, neighbors and friends who asked me to sign their copies, readers with questions, which was very exciting for a first time author. But there was a subtle awkwardness as they asked me to sign their copy or asked if they could ask a question.

Are you kidding, you bought my book – of course I’ll gladly sign it.

Enchanted Storms release

I spent years writing this and not being able to talk to anyone but editors about it – PLEASE ask me questions; let’s talk about it, it’ll be fun!

Those are the things I thought, but my response never alleviated that initial hesitancy. An author event, however, took me out of the context of neighbor, friend, co-worker, total stranger. For two hours, I was an author and it created this comfortable space to ask questions, to have books signed, to talk about writing advice, to meet new people.

And now anyone can buy Enchanted Storms in both paperback and ebook from Amazon.

You can read it and love it or hate it or be completely indifferent. You can review it (which would be totally awesome) or foist it upon your book club (it’s not that heavy, though, so not sure how effective that would be). You can even ask me questions, if you’d like. There’s a new map to enjoy and new characters; new magic and new lands to inspire new questions.

And the Princess Kingdom is now actually a series. I’ve planned it as a standalone series so you will be able to read each book without having read any of the others before.

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2 responses to “Enchanted Storms is now available

    • Annie

      thank you! I get to celebrate this week and then Saturday it’s back to writing the next one 🙂