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May 21, 2011

It’s weird how some things happen in life.

I first moved to LA in Jan. 2000. My dad and I drove out and we got to Burbank too early one morning so we were driving around and we stopped at a red light at Riverside and Hollywood Way. There in the rearview mirror was the WB water tower; this symbol of Hollywood and studios where all the action happens and Animaniacs (it was 2000, remember?). My dad, never one to miss an opportunity, made me stick my head out the window, turn around and take a picture of it like some crazy tourist which is why I took the picture as quickly as possible and ducked back in the car before the light turned green.

WB Tower - Los Angeles before

I came across that picture every now and then when looking through photo albums and remembered how embarrassed I was and then after a few years totally forgot about it.

Even though I worked in the industry, I never really made it on the WB lot more than a few times for various things, because I never worked there despite having friends who did.

One friend, in fact, who when I knew I was leaving town I asked if he could buy me some dvds from their studio store. Instead he invited me to lunch. The gate he gave me to come in was closed because of construction, but it didn’t phase me because by then I knew my way around a studio lot. I just drove to the other gate and was sitting, waiting in line at security behind a limo when I looked up. And there was the WB water tower right in front of me.

WB Tower Los Angeles after

It seems obvious, now that I’m telling the story, but at the time it was this amazing moment of serendipity. Without even a moment of embarrassment, hesitation or remorse I snapped a picture. Because I almost never went on the WB lot in my decade of living in LA.

But it was the first, most iconic thing I saw on my first day in LA; desperately wanting to be a part of this exciting and elite and very cool industry.

And it was the last icon of Hollywood I laid eyes on after having met the most amazing friends, gotten to do some incredibly cool things, worked in very elite circles and learned how to make my way around a studio lot.

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