101 Things in 1001 Days

The story behind this version of 101 Things.

  1. Cups – this doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me. In fact, you’ll find this list riddled with watchwords because I find it fun.
  2. Talk to my friends more often. I want to be the kind of friend who calls randomly or emails them to say hi. I do that some. I still want to be better.
  3. Produce a movie. I have this idea I’m still in love with. I’m not ready to give up on it yet whether it happens in the next 3 years or not.
  4. Movie inspiration
  5. First
  6. Meet Leigh Bardugo and have her sign the Grisha trilogy for me.
    I just feel like this is a deep void in my book collection that needs to be taken care of.
  7. Learn to invest better. You’re supposed to have diversified streams of income in order to be more stable (so if one ends or goes under or whatever you’re not wholly dependent on it). I want to be better at that.
  8. See my family more. We’re not all here and I miss them a great deal. Goals are supposed to be quantifiable and specific so you know when you’ve achieved them. I don’t care – this remains on the list as is.
  9. Fix the bugs in my websites. There’s just two or three things not working that I never get around to.
  10. Do something that scares me. I’m glad I can say there’s less and less that scares me, the more I do. But I also mean, do something fun or exciting that scares me – not just scary for the sake of being scared or crossing this off my list. Like sky diving – that would terrify me and does not sound like any fun. That would not fulfill this item.
  11. Host a dinner party. Maybe not a midnight dinner, but something grand and fun like that.
  12. Write more letters. maybe. Emails are also good and my handwriting looks like sanskrit and I type pretty fast. But I like the idea of old fashioned letters.
  13. Host a board game night. Or, at least play more games with my friends and family. Because I do enjoy it and it’s a fun way to hang out with friends and not just sit around watching a movie.
  14. Spend a weekend at a spa. Or maybe a day. Is there enough at a spa to entertain me? I like the idea of a spa, regardless.
  15. Spend all my gift cards. Those things pile up. I don’t know what I’m saving them for. Go out to eat more – buy some clothes – enjoy the gifts people have given me.
  16. Grow roses. This one would also involve probably owning a house in order to have a garden. Maybe composting because if you’re going to own a house and grow roses, well there’s no reason to let things go to waste. It sounds like a lovely way to live.
  17. Have a grand Regency England themed party (possibly for a birthday). The hard part of this is getting everyone else to dress up 🙂
  18. BSG
  19. Send cards to friends for holidays for a whole year. Cards are always the sort of thing I want to send for birthdays and Father’s Days and the like and don’t think of until the day after. I want to spend an hour or two card shopping some Dec or Jan and have cards on hand for all the occasions.
  20. Take better pictures.
  21. Learn to make green chili. This is a holdover from my first list. I have yet to do it but I tell people how good green chili is and I want to be able to make it and share it with people who’ve never heard of green chili. But right now I can only talk about it.
  22. Publish my commonplace book. It’s really a small collection of quotes and essays from Tolkien – my favorites from different sources that I put together as a gift for my step-mom before Blurb and things like that existed. I formatted and printed the pages and the cover and everything. It’s very crafty – but I’d like to have a more polished version that’s a real book. Maybe that’s not the sort of thing for a commonplace book – maybe the craftiness is better. ah well, it’s what I want.
  23. Comic Con
  24. Stay at a hotel at Comic Con. I know this sounds weird, but trust me, it’s a goal.

    ~ Travel

  25. Greece
  26. New Zealand
  27. Hawaii
  28. Australia
  29. Stonehenge – I could have crossed this off the last list but I decided to take a more leisurely approach to the castles. Next time I’m in the UK, having explored the castles, I’ll check out Stonehenge
  30. Someplace with jungles and ruins – like Singapore or Cambodia or maybe the Philippines
  31. Egypt – specifically the pyramids
  32. Jerusalem
  33. Sardis
  34. Vancouver – because I hear it’s cool. The mid-late 00’s would have been the best time to go. Visit the set of Stargate and BSG and Supernatural and all the fun sci-fi shows.
  35. London castle tour (including Arundelle castle)
  36. Ireland
  37. Scotland
  38. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  39. Stockholm Palace
  40. 7 wonders list (yes, some of these are repeats for reasons):
    Egyptian pyramids
    Machu Picchu
    Great Wall of China
    Colosseum in Rome
    Taj Mahal / Terra Cotta Army
    ~and Christ the Redeemer in Rio and the Acropolis

    ~Writing Life

  41. Give Roses a proper title. It needs a name so I can know properly what it is.
  42. Finish and Publish Roses
    Read more about Enchanted Storms
  43. Finish the Tattered Heart audiobook
    Listen to Chapter 1
  44. Publish the Tattered Heart audiobook
    These are two different things, unlike finishing and publishing Roses. I’ve done that before – publish a novel. And while they’re two different endeavors, there is no lead up time between finishing and publishing – I’ll finish it and move right into publishing. Publishing the audiobook is going to require research and will be a more focused endeavor. Whatever – it’s my list, it’s two things.
  45. Write the first 6 (3/6 drafted)
  46. Publish the first 6
    Which is totally a whole different endeavor than just writing them.
  47. Publish the 6 compilation
    Publishing is an interesting endeavor I’m continually learning more about. It’s not just file format, creating a cover and hitting publish. The strategy of a book launch, gathering reviews, letting people know your stories are available is really a third part of the DIY publishing game.
  48. Finish Arizona
  49. Sign with an agent
  50. Sell Arizona. I know you’re only supposed to create goals that you have control to achieve. Whatever. I want to sell it and if it’s here as a goal I’ll do the little things that are in my control to move toward that.
  51. Plot Blue
  52. Plot White
  53. Have my own book signing
  54. Finish Twelve Dancing Princesses image. You’ll have to wait until August to see it, though, when the post goes live
  55. Engage with the book community more. I can’t control how many twitter followers I have or books I sell. But I want to be more connected to the cool book lovers out there. I don’t know if this is going to BEA or other conferences or more signings and getting to know more people or…

    ~ Healthy Living

  56. Work out. I do this intermittently. I’ll have a good run for 3 weeks or 6 weeks and then have to travel for work and my whole routine gets thrown and it’s hard to get working out back in. I want to do this every day. I want this to be a part of my life.
  57. Become more flexible. I’m not talking touch your toes, flexible. I mean dancer flexible.
  58. Speaking of which – dance more.
  59. Stand up from a back bend
  60. Do a back walk over. Despite my flexibility – my shoulders and back are just normal. But backwards movements I think are just beautiful and want to be able to bend that direction.

    ~ Possibly to Adventure

  61. Go to a movie premiere. Of all the things I did in LA, this was the only milestone I missed.
  62. Learn to surf with my sister
  63. Go parasailing
  64. Take stunt driving lessons
  65. Go horseback riding. I did this last year but I want more. It gets to be a repeat so I do it again.
  66. Take ballet classes
    I did this for a few weeks but then the fall class schedule conflicted with my work schedule so I don’t want to cross it off yet.
  67. Go Indoor Sky Diving
  68. See Matchbox20 in concert
  69. See Bush in concert
  70. Tweet or Instagram completed goals – because it’s fun to share and to have touchstones of memories
  71. Come up with 101 things
  72. Reevaluate goals at the beginning of each year. Because things change and new dreams are born and choices are made (like not going to Stonehenge even though you can). It’s good to have a list and it’s also good not to be bound to it.

ok, so I only have 60-some odd things. I’ve got to say – I did an amazing job with my first list. I didn’t do it all in 1001 days (I didn’t even come up with a whole 101 things), but I did some amazing things on that list. If I did just these things in the next three years – I’d be really, really satisfied. With or without a full list of 101 things.

My new day is Monday March 19, 2018

“Next time we’ll do things different. We will laugh more. We’ll love more. We’ll see the world. We just won’t be so afraid.” ~ Last Holiday

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