Captain America and Modern Heroes

Captain America has a list in The Winter Soldier to keep track of all the things he’s missed in our very modern society. We have the newest technology, decades of great music available at the touch of a button, and the broadest knowledge that the world has ever seen. But Part 1 of this series isn’t about him becoming a modern hero, it’s about the ways in which he already was one. Because we don’t actually live in a Modern world, we live in a Post-Modern one, philosophically speaking. In storytelling, the difference between Modernism and Post-Modernism is the difference between Captain America and Iron Man. It is Superman and […]

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"Tattered Heart" is a fabulously loose and original retelling. The writing was rich and alive in the way that good fantasy should be, like you could find this beautiful, sparkling land if only you could find the right wardrobe.
~ Terri from Reading by Starlight