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5 Key Lessons: Once Upon a Time

5 Key Lessons: Once Upon a Time

*Note this only covers the first six seasons, it doesn’t (necessarily) address the reboot in season 7 Once Upon a Time is a rather fascinating study. It is imminently appealing and incredibly flawed at the same time. Which means, in many ways, it’s the epitome of a show you love to hate. Or perhaps more […]

March 19, 2018 | Posted in 5 lessons, tv

everybody changes with a chance

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I might accidentally watch One Tree Hill.  It’s not because it’s great tv but because it always has good music.  It’s rare enough that a song comes around I really love, and yet One Tree Hill manages to find one about once a month. So, let’s have a little […]

April 25, 2009 | Posted in tv