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I’ve decided to occasionally do update posts that aren’t just for the entire year. I stole my #AmCurrently format from Cait at PaperFury because it’s so shiny and versatile. She has agreed to forgive me as long as I feed her lots of cake. #AmCurrently Writing Nothing! I almost feel horrible about it, but not […]

deviant journies

deviant journies

A funny thing happened while crafting my fairy tale legacy post series. I decided I wanted a really great picture of each fairy tale heroine to accompany the post. At first I was going to use a theme. I wanted to use Murad Osmann’s #followmeto series because those are some really evocative, beautiful pictures and […]

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Things I’ve never done

In light of my revival of 101 Things, I decided to post the things I’ve left undone. Start a coffee blog. One Christmas my mom told me that my grandfather used to salt his coffee. I become fascinated with the idea of mixing different flavors with coffee grounds so I bought a French Press and […]

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the haunted blog circus

You know what makes me a bad blogger? drafts. I come across an article or an idea or even another blog that’s interesting to the point of being worth discussing or at the very least writing about. So, I throw it into a draft and now it’s safe; links won’t be lost, text is copied […]

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