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January 18, 2021

So, you might think with all the things 2020 has been I wouldn’t do an annual post. I mean, really what happened this year other than sitting around the house and watching a lot of tv? Oh, I also read quite a few books. Turns out I also did one or two interesting things. And the boring years are worth remembering as much as the interesting ones.

things of 2020


Quick trip to Montreal. This was my second trip to Montreal and… Montreal in winter is not fantastic. It was still a nice work trip.

Oh! And I started a new writing project. It’s a bit unorthodox, kind of fun, designed to improve my craft. Now that it’s the end of the year, I have to admit that I didn’t finish it. I got close, and the work I did complete I’m really pleased with. But I hate unfinished projects.


My puppy passed away. It was sad and traumatic so I didn’t say thing before. And I guess the healthy way of looking at this is that saying it out loud is a part of remembering her. but I sort of don’t want to because it still makes me sad.


New job. Very similar to what I’ve done in the past and I get to work with old friends.

And I attended a one day writer’s conference, and by that I mean I went to one panel. But it was a fun panel with an author I’ve read quite a bit and hearing her experiences and writing suggestions and insights was well worth it.


I moved into a new place which I normally don’t put in my things lists (I move rather often) but this one was a good move so it’s worth noting.


I started a Masters program. The upside was that I got to reconnect with some good people from my past who were incredibly supportive. But…it took up a WHOLE lot of time through the rest of the year. I kinda felt like I fell of the face of the earth between work and school which wasn’t so much fun.


I got a new puppy and made a new friend. The friend and I are sorting out starting a writer’s group (with yes, just the two of us). The puppy is tiny and adorable and mangy and utterly sweet and friendly.

I also transitioned away from Goodreads to Bookhype. I have to admit I’ve been acquainted with the creator for a few years. She created the them I used for all my websites (including this one). And she’s friendly and has been super helpful over the years with tutorials and support. So I was excited when she announced Bookhype and sort of rushed to support her and join.

I knew she’d have cool features like rereads and multiple reviews. I figured it’d be a nice, clean interface because that’s what she’s built with her theme. I found out that she does stats really well and there’s a section for special editions. You can have draft reviews. And it’s not as cluttered as Goodreads. It’s all about the books and the reviews.


I decided I needed to go in a new direction with my Masters program. I had some great allies to help me confirm I wanted to make the shift and go through the process of changing things around. I’m really excited though. I finished the first semester out and will launch into a new adventure in a new year.


Christmas with the family. That happens pretty much every year, but I wanted to acknowledge it this year. Things were crazy in 2020, people were crazy, but I get to be close to my family and connect with them often. And if New Years day is an indication of the year to come, I got to see almost all my family in one day at different places so it looks like its going to be a good forthcoming year. As Mrs. Hughes says, begin as you mean to go on…

Friday Playlist

The first playlist in a long time with a theme. Not intentionally but I was watching Teen Wolf and s3 is full of great music. Which also blended well with the song from Roswell, New Mexico. And watching Zombies 2 with my family. It all came together for a rather fabulous playlist.

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