March 21, 2012

You know what makes me a bad blogger? drafts.

I come across an article or an idea or even another blog that’s interesting to the point of being worth discussing or at the very least writing about. So, I throw it into a draft and now it’s safe; links won’t be lost, text is copied and pasted so it won’t vanish from the internet, thoughts are recorded enough to get the gist of what I was thinking but not so much that it’s a fully fledged blog. Sometimes it’s just the title of a blog about something I want to write about… eventually…

And then it sits, waiting for me to have the time or energy or inclination to actually deal with it. Currently there are 36 drafts trapped in their appropriate date and time – back when it was actually relevant in some way. But that inclination to think and write is a lot harder to come by than throwing ideas and links into a draft.

So I think about writing and blogging more than I actually do. I keep my drafts and I am comforted by the fact that those ideas won’t be lost or forgotten. But they also won’t be shared or discussed or be anything more than ghosts, haunting the back corridors of my blog.

When I think about it in that light, this blog becomes an incredibly tragic place; all shiny and pretty and fun on the surface but haunted by creatures trapped and waiting to be given form and life. Which makes me some sort of at least callous if not cruel ringmaster at an interesting and tragic circus. who knew.

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