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August 9, 2014

Dear book blogger friends,

I made the decision this morning not to send out review requests for Tattered Heart. I know it’s what you’re “supposed” to do: email bloggers – send them a copy – get them to review your book – watch your sales skyrocket! But I don’t want to.

I addressed this to book blogger friends for a reason, we’re friends. I know how big your TBR piles are. I would feel guilty more than anything else asking to throw another book on the fire (wait, don’t burn books!). Which is a big part of why I’m gladly choosing to forgo this marketing strategy.

That being said, I do have digital review copies available in several formats (pdf, mobi, epub). Since we’re friends, if you’re curious about Tattered Heart, please email me and I’d be glad to send you a copy.

(A quick caveat: As I type this I can see where it would appear that I’m just turning the tables – instead of me asking you for a favor I’m making you ask me for one. But I don’t see it that way.

In Hollywood, the thing I learned about favors is that they’re all about what they require from the other person. If I come to your office and see X-Men: DofP t-shirts and say, “Those are awesome! Can I have one?” And you’ve got a drawer full of them and respond, “Sure. What’s your size?” and then toss me one – that’s not a favor. That’s just what friends do back and forth all the time. If, however, I see A-Team t-shirts on the crew at the studio summer party and ask you to track one down for me, that’s a favor. Because it requires your time and energy and using your contacts.

Me asking you for a review is a favor. I’m also asking for your time, your attention and your prioritizing my book over others (possibly).

If you ask me for a copy of my book – that requires nothing of me. I’m happy to get to share my book with a friend.)

So, if we’re friends and you are interested in reading Tattered Heart, email me and I’ll be glad to send you a review copy. If not, that’s cool. We’re still friends 🙂 And I value your friendship more than a review.

If we’re not friends yet, email me anyway! Send me a link to your blog. I’ll read some of your posts and get to know you. You read some of my posts and get to know me. And we can become friends 🙂

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