New York

June 29, 2012

I admit, I’d never been to New York before. Which wouldn’t be much of an admission if I didn’t also add that I was never really interested in ever going. Something about it always seemed far too east coast and foreign in my mind and I would have been perfectly happy never to experience that particular city.

Until the possibility of going became very real, and then… I was intrigued and excited. What a novel experience this would be.

Mostly it was work, but it was good work and work paid for the trip so there’s not much to complain about.

New York Collage

Dinner at tre dici was amazing. Lobster with tomatoes and shaved jalapenos underneath was so good. We also had calamari in buffalo sauce as an appetizer so it was a very unique and delicious sort of spicy evening.
And when it wasn’t work, it was walking around the city for two hours seeing the sights.

Overall excellent first trip to NY. And I’m actually looking forward to going back, eventually.

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2 responses to “New York

  1. What fantastic pics! Did you only use your cell phone? Also these make me want to get over myself and (fear of flying/travel) go! Thanks for sharing and this page is bookmarked!

    • Annie

      thank you! I did take them with my cell and my iPhone takes great pictures. Though I have to admit I then played with them all at which is an awesome photo editing site. Obviously not as comprehensive as photoshop but with some cool filters like instagram and the option to crop and change color composition and different stuff so some limited photoshop options.
      And you know what I have to say to your fear of flying/travel?
      Sam: Just try to calm down?
      Dean: Just try to shut up?!