gorgeous days

March 3, 2006

I drove up to the post office on my lunch today, like I do most days. As I was parking I thought, “How many months have I been parking at this post office?” and “How long am I going to let this go on?”

No interesting mail so I get back in the car to drive to work and realize that it’s a gorgeous day. I roll down my window and open my sun roof and as I’m driving I consider calling my boss and telling him that I’m going to keep driving and not come back to work today. I laugh at the idea and simultaneously really like it.

So I drive past the stop sign and take the short cut to 84. I get caught behind a Ford F150 that insists on going the speed limit. Where’s the fun in that? So I pass him when we’re on the highway.

The sun is fierce but at 7000 feet the air is still cool so it’s a perfect 60-something. The air’s clear and you can see the mountains and the clouds that keep the sky from being bland. I love Colorado. It’s the kind of day where you could just keep driving, anywhere, anywhere but work and predictability and responsibility and rationality.

But I get to the entrance of the subdivision and I turn around. Because I do have work and I never made that call to my boss. On the way back in I get caught behind a mini-van from New Mexico, but it’s ok. I’d go 60 mph on a 35 mph short cut if no one stopped me.

So here I am back at work. Which is predictable because I am more often than not quite responsible. I’ve even made the call I needed to, but kinda didn’t want to. It’s all very rational.

but someday I won’t have to be.

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