Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity

The Helion Chronicles 1.3

Eoin isn’t reckless, no matter what anyone else thinks.  He takes risks.  He flies fast.  And he’s good at stealing technology—almost as good as he is at racing.  But the engineers of Saturn haven’t developed what he needs so far.   And he’s in over his head.  He just doesn’t know it yet.

Delanei Kayne is Eoin’s closest friend—gorgeous, fun, and his fiercest competition in any race.  She lives for the moment whether it’s a fast ship, dancing all night long or learning more about ship engineering than she could have dreamed.

Saturn is exactly where they both belong—a hive of innovation and risk—the heart of ship building for the solar system from giant cruise ships to sleek cityships.  Where race pilots like Eoin and Delanei are athletes whose fame grows with every win.

But everyone on Saturn has secrets.  Finley is hiding her past life from new friends.  Cade is hiding his identity from old “friends.”  And Eoin, he’s hiding everything… from everyone.

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