The Helion Chronicles 1.5

Captain Talon of Nova Patrol has pursued Cade Caelderon across the solar system—10 days, 3 worlds, barely 1 lead.  His job is to find justice for the explosions over Hadrion and on Bakshim.  But he wants to understand.  How does a rogue like Caelderon attract a crew capable of staying invisible, willing to follow Cade anywhere and seemingly intent on detonating things along the way?

Delanei never planned on getting involved on Hikari.  Helping the miners was Eoin’s idea.  Uncovering a mole was Cade’s plan.  She only wanted to install their new shields and weapons; to make the ship a little more hers and a little more home. 

But one false step forces Delanei to confront the choice she’s made to throw away her life and fly with outlaws.  And now she has to decide who’s right and who’s wrong.  And which side of the law does she want to live on?

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