September 12, 2009

I’m having the strangest experience. My sister recommended a book to me (The Angel Experiment by James Patterson). She thought there were two books in the “series”. Turns out it’s a series of 6 (at least). I’m kind of bothered by it and at the same time find it all rather odd.

The thing with the series is, it’s unfolding more like a tv show, delving into the lives and moments of these characters and their adventures while barely touching on the broader mythology (even though he keeps adding new aspects to that mythology). But I want a movie. Reveal the characters, please, develop them and let me be attached but get to the point already.

The part that’s odd is that normally I like tv better than movies for that very reason. I like diving into the characters and their nuances and how their adventures add up to augment the greater mythology.

I think I was just unprepared. It’s like going to the movie theater to see Star Trek and suddenly their showing episodes instead, or even worse, episodes from Lost. If I’d known this was what I was getting myself into I’d probably enjoy it more. Though now I’ve steeled myself for the next four books, so I think I’ll be able to relax and relish them knowing that it’s just going to keep going. and I’m not getting answers any time soon.

ETA: No. James Patterson is ridiculous with this series. Each book barely touches on the larger mythology and doesn’t progress it so much as seemingly close it but proceed to reinvent it, making it more and more ridiculous.
I can’t believe I made it through 6 books (it helps that they’re really fast reads). Patterson says that book #8 will be the last in the series. If that actually turns out to be true I might be bothered to read the last two just for some closure but mostly I’m fed up with the whole thing.

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