Blue Skies

October 8, 2009

I don’t like the LA sky.

You know those moments when you’re walking or driving and the air is just the precise shade of warm and the right song comes on and suddenly everything is wonderful. I usually look up at the sky to see that the world is so much bigger than me…

In Colorado the sky is blue, sharp and cold and alive. Maybe there are big white clouds rolling through it sweeping you along with them. Or maybe the clouds are thick; laying like a blanket over the world as it snows; wrapping us up in our secrets.

But the sky in LA is flat and dull; a two dimensional backdrop; something someone painted to look like the sky. It’s not a living thing that moves or cries.

In that moment, when everything else is aligned, the LA sky always disappoints me.

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One response to “blue skies

  1. Kimberly

    Wow. Whenever I have been in L.A. I have loved it. But this is so true. And indicative of the soul of L.A. sometimes too, yeah? “two dimensional backdrop” indeed.
    Also? You write beautifully. I love it.