I’ve been learning new things about transformation and change. In order to do that you kind of have to be in the midst of it.

First of all, I think there’s a difference between the two. Change is more practical. I lost weight. That was change. Transformation is deeper. It’s the choices you make and how you respond to life. Sometimes you need transformation to precipitate change; sometimes not – depending on the scale of change and who you are going into it.

Secondly, a necessary part of transformation is stillness. Like a butterfly bound and restricted in this cocoon. Subdued into a motionless, breathless place of waiting. My mind bucks against this harness. Straining and pushing in all directions. Met not just with resistance but immobility; which is rather infuriating. Until I accept it; choose stillness. and patience. allow the harness to give direction and focus to this unsettled energy. So that it can become transformation; a vibrant sort of stillness that changes everything.

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