prayer for lent

February 20, 2010


Thank you for all the amazing ways we’ve grown this past year. For the ways You’ve changed us, drawn us nearer to You, opened our eyes and given us strength.

I pray that as we go into this time of Lent we would empty ourselves before You. Speak to our hearts and reveal the places within us You would have empty; whatever we fear the most. want the most. that which has been consistently in our prayers. May we bring it before Your throne and empty ourselves of it.

May we sit in this emptiness, even when it’s uncomfortable. In the darkness let us be still knowing we are never alone, that we are never forgotten.

We will remember that your Holy Spirit is a living fire within us, whispering prayers we do not know. Give us the courage to wait for Your Spirit to fill the emptiness within us. That we might be healed, more whole, that You would be glorified as we become more fully alive.

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One response to “a prayer for lent

  1. Kel

    this is actually amazing…I especially love the concept of finally emptying ourselves of the very things that constantly plague our prayers, and that we can rest in the knowledge that the Spirit is constantly praying for those very things and much more, unbeknownst to us. so beautiful… 🙂