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May 21, 2018

I’ve gone back and forth on this post for a while. Because it can seem self-serving. “5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Author” can very easily become “5 Ways to Support Me” which is not my intention at all.

I’m not just a writer, I’m a reader.

And a lot of the authors I enjoy most aren’t bestsellers. They live in the grey realm of hoping their books earn out; of wanting to sell enough books to continue a series. I’ve met several of them and like them not just as authors but as people. I want to read their books. I’m happy to buy their books. But more than that, I want to support their careers.

I want them to earn out so they can continue a series; so a publisher buys their next book; so they are successful; and, most importantly, so other readers discover them and enjoy their books.

Although there are social media elements to this list, it isn’t really “ways to stay connected to your favorite author.” We all pretty much know how to do that. This is more focused on super easy techniques that will broaden your favorite author’s readership and increase their sales.

Some (or most) may seem obvious – the key is to actually DO them. It may not seem like much but small, simple actions can make a difference when compiled together. Even if it just lets that author know you’re in their corner.

Leave a review on Amazon

Goodreads is good. It can help new readers discover a book and add it to their TBR. But Amazon is where people buy books. And millions of people who aren’t on Goodreads get book recommendations on Amazon.

It doesn’t have to be a book report.

There is no word count minimum.

If a book has 100 reviews or less, even a quick “I really liked this book” really can make a difference. Maybe you include a few reasons why. Maybe not. Either way, you’re telling Amazon that people are reading and liking this book. And Amazon’s algorithms will then share it with other readers.
If the book has 1,000+ reviews then the book is already doing pretty well.

Like their posts

We live in a world of algorithms. Liking isn’t just telling the author you enjoy what they said. It’s feeding those algorithms which define what you see more of. And what other people see.

Post popularity isn’t just about ego – a post with likes gets shown to more people who also follow your favorite author. (I know, the logic of that is ridiculous.)

Share their posts

Want more friends to talk with about your favorite books?

Share a few posts. Put those algorithms to work showing your friends a new book or a new author they haven’t met yet. Maybe an awesome quote graphic (those are my favorite). Maybe you’ll even end up starting a book club so your favorite people can talk about your favorite books.

Like their Facebook page

I know, facebook is a crazy mess. The thing is thousands of people who aren’t on any other social media are on facebook. And it seems futile because the facebook algorithm is obnoxious. But if you want to see posts from your favorite author, liking their page is the first step. Then you can like and share posts to your heart’s content.

Subscribe to their newsletter

If you want to break free of all the algorithms and connect directly with an author, then their newsletter is a great way to do it.

Sometimes authors will include stories in their newsletter they don’t share anywhere else. Sometimes there is free stuff or you get to be the first to see a cover or learn sometime new.

Best of all, your email is never trying to decide for you what you do and don’t want to read.

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2 responses to “5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

  1. I agree with all of that… but sometimes I’m afraid that some of my favorite authors might think I’m stalking them because I like just about everything they do, LOL. Some people are just that good… they could write a book about the alphabet and it would be amazing.

    • Annie

      I think it’s social media lends itself to that feeling of bordering on stalking because we share our lives there for people to glimpse into. When you like how someone writes it’s easy to genuinely enjoy everything a particular author posts or writes! Two of my favorites are A.C. Gaughen and Amie Kaufman 🙂 Trust me, if you’re talking about or sharing posts on an author’s books they’re going to appreciate it.