April 18, 2016

At long last, the Tattered Heart audiobook is available!

I’ve written this post a couple of dozen times over the past year, some more eloquent than others and now that I sit down and finally get to type it out, I can’t remember any of the heartfelt or charming things I was going to say.

Through this, I’ve learned an immense amount about the process of recording and publishing an audiobook. It’s been fun and tiring and frustrating and incredibly rewarding. Without fail, however, when I think about the process or when I’m asked, I always say the best part of the entire experience was working with the actors.

My friends and friends of friends joined me to contribute their voices and their talents, their time and creativity to bring these characters to life. And I got to sit with them for 20 minutes or an hour or four and talk about this story and this world and these characters; to direct them and guide them through the performances and also discover the unexpected they brought to it.

You don’t get acknowledgements in audiobooks (at least, I don’t think you do, do you?) but that was where all the evanescent versions of this post focused; on all the people who were so generous in helping me bring this audiobook to life.

  • Joe Russell deserves a co-producer credit for bringing in his friends to help with pick up roles, for letting me use his home studio for pick ups, for being indefatigable in recording Bion, for directing me to audacity to edit the Tattered Heart audiobook and generally for being a great guy.
  • My friend Katrina Wandel did an amazing job of helping me bring together these actors and is always just a bright and enthusiastic person to work with.
  • Half way through this whole thing I needed two roles rerecorded and Casey Russell and Brittany Curran both stepped in to fill the gaps when I had too much of me. It made a world of difference in the tone and the emotional course of the story.
  • All of my actors were so generous with their time in the studio and with emailing me retakes and pick ups so that it could all be just right. The full cast credits are below so if you hear a voice (or two or three!) you like, you can find out who they are.
  • David Kelley doesn’t need credit or acclaim, but he gave me a score to accompany this story and I can’t not say thank you.
  • And finally I won’t list them by name but I had so many friends and family that endured hearing me talk about this process, the frustrations and moments of elation and the only answer to, “What are you up to?” being “Working on my audiobook” for what seemed like forever. And still they encouraged and supported me.

Many of you have heard, in comments left around the blogging community or in my own blog posts, of my adventures with the Tattered Heart audiobook. Now you can discover what all the fuss has been about for yourself. I do hope you enjoy it!

Available from: Amazon | iTunes

Sample Chapter 1

Cast Credits

Bion Joe Russell
Clara Candice Hill
Trivin Angelo Restaino
Daryn Ryan Carlberg
Marcus Jeremy Kozeluh
Kira Maisie Klompus
Alin Justin Davidson
Jack Brad Winters
Queen Elena Casey Russell
King James Timmy Morgan
Maeve Lee Sherman
Joseph Timmy Morgan
Liliya Brittany Curran
Melik Joe Bowman
Rosealine Brittany Curran
Stephen Mike Gaines
Liam Dmitri Frolov
Anton Mike Gaines
Wizard Clayton Nemrow
Gilroy Stephen DeCordova
Carlyle Harlan Rector
Lawrins Harlan Rector
Seren Justin Davidson
Bradley Jeremy Kozeluh
Mama Sophie Walker
Isabella Lindsey Schuberth
Callen Andy Cohen
Ethan Jeremy Kozeluh
Father Greg Walker
Kate Kelly Erickson
Marie Maisie Klompus
Kellen Angelo Restaino
Cillian Justin Davidson
Shopkeeper Nirvana Adams
Estelle Margie Bratton
Lainil Lindsey Schuberth
Herald Mike Gaines
Herald #2 Brian Packard
Horseman #1 Brad Winters
Geoff Brad Winters
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