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March 7, 2016

Inspired by Erin Bowman (for Vengeance Road) and Susan Dennard (for Truthwitch), I decided to create character cards to give you a chance to meet the characters of Enchanted Storms.

While it was fun to play around in pinterest looking for great images that fit my characters, I found it somewhat difficult to create the banners. How to give enough information to intrigue but not so much as to give anything away? Especially knowing that sometimes the secrets characters keep are the most interesting thing about them.

There’s also one fairly significant character not represented. As I was going through pinterest, I couldn’t find any images that were good representations of Bryce. Some came close but didn’t work for one reason or another, several were too young and one or two I just couldn’t work with. I like Bryce quite a bit and so didn’t want to represent him if I couldn’t get it quite right.

For the characters I did play with, to the casual reader, hopefully if the words don’t intrigue you, the images will. For those who have read Tattered Heart, you might find it a bit more interesting.

The Princesses of Amaranyllis

Enchanted Storms | Princess Danielle character card
Enchanted Storms | Princess Evanelle character card
Enchanted Storms | Princess Rachelle character card
Enchanted Storms | Princess Belle character card

The Men of Tarodin

Enchanted Storms | Prince Kieran character card
Enchanted Storms | Kit character card
Enchanted Storms | Sivoden character card

What do you think? Do you like character representations? Or would you prefer to have them left to your imagination?

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8 responses to “Meet the characters of Enchanted Storms

  1. Havisham

    Not super in love with the pic for Evanelle on the top. Not quite what I pictured. Love the rest!

    • Annie

      I wasn’t sure if I was going to post them because I want readers to be able to imagine each of the characters however they want. So, it’s totally fine if Evanelle doesn’t look anything like any of the pictures and I got it all wrong 🙂

  2. Alexis Kibler

    Awe this is so exciting! I need to buy a copy!! The character inspirations alone make me want to read.. On top of the fact that I’m so proud of you!!! Congratulations lady?

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