November 19, 2009

My grandmother turned 86 last month. She told me that if you’ve lived as wonderful a life as she has, both the good and the bad, then 86 is worth getting to.

The thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that who I am at 60 is determined by the choices I make today. What I eat, drink, how active I am all determine how much energy I’ll have, how strong I’ll be, how ably I can still participate in my own life.

You can wake up at 50 or 55 or even 58 and try to make extreme changes but they’re bound to be less effective and will probably have more impact on who you are at 70 than 60.

I decided to make small changes consistently today. Some of them are pleasurable (working out is actually fun) and some are uncomfortable (I don’t eat sugar) but either way, they determine who I will become.

It’s hard to be honest about this next section without becoming a salesman but a watershed moment for me was when I started taking Mannatech nutritional supplements in 2002. Mannatech introduced me to the science of nutrition; showed me the impact in our world of the way we grow and harvest our food and what we eat. Mannatech cast a light on my health and brought an understanding that how I nourish my body is vastly important. And that knowledge effects every other decision I’ve made from how often I work out to what I eat and what I give priority to in my life.

I almost didn’t include that, because I wanted this post to be about choices and not about Mannatech. But that choice in 2002 changed the course of my life, and I decided not to ignore it. Because as much as I might want it to seem like all these ideas about choice and striving for a better life are mine, I can’t deny that it wouldn’t be possible for me without Mannatech. The scientific evidence says that my cells are much healthier and function much better. That core essence of health at the most basic level and then building up from it has become vastly important to me. It’s a point of view that has infiltrated a lot of other areas of my life also.

The more I learned the more I stopped taking my health for granted. I started reading books that taught me about the importance of consistency – the power in it. I got into pilates and I love pilates! I think, now, about the choices I’m making and the ramifications they’ll have and I’ve learned a lot about food that shapes my every day.

I’m making choices to be as healthy and vibrant right now as I know how to be and I’m planning for a healthier future; making choices that will keep me young and vibrant at 60 or maybe even 86.

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