April 25, 2009

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I might accidentally watch One Tree Hill. It’s not because it’s great tv but because it always has good music. It’s rare enough that a song comes around I really love, and yet One Tree Hill manages to find one about once a month. So, let’s have a little music fun, shall we?

Where I Stood by Missy Higgins (I actually first heard this song at the end of an episode of Smallville and it was *amazing* and honestly the best use of this song I’ve seen yet. But then it was on One Tree Hill. And on Grey’s Anatomy (not quite as good as the other two) so it’s some rounds because it’s a breathtaking song.)

It’s Only Life (Brian Malouf Mix) by Kate Voegele (that link may or may not be the right mix. I honestly didn’t dig deep enough to figure it out)

Wish You Were Here by Kate Voegele

Scream by Chris Cornell

Devil In Me (Live Acoustic) by Kate Voegele

One of Those Days by Josh Radin

Broken by Lifehouse

I’d Rather Be With You by Josh Radin

And most recently

I Came Around by Amie Miriello

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