superbowl 2008

So, I’m not normally a big football fan. But Geoph* is a huge Boston fan and has been dragging me (not unwillingly) to games at the pub and everything. And I have to admit that this was a good year to be a Patriots fan – not just because they won almost every game, but […]

finding hope in drama

finding hope in drama

We are all, everyone one of us making history now. The time for sitting on the fence is over. The time for greatness is now. Each of you has a role to play, your only choice is whether you accept it or have it thrust upon you… I know it’s tempting to think that we […]

proper English

So the Olympic Committee is banning improper English on signs for when all the Olympians and tourists show up. Prime example: “Shangri-La is in you mind, but your Buffalo is not.” I need to find ways to work that into casual conversation.

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living out loud

Some days you’re driving and someone in a car near you is smoking and it wafts into your car and every now and then, when the right melancholy song is on the radio, it smells good. Maybe you have to have smoked once or twice for that to be the case. To have felt it […]

less than glamorous

So, the WB aired it’s final episodes last night.  Before I get to what I thought let me explain why it sort of matters. I was watching Buffy when the WB as an entity came into being for me.  I was in college taking some sort of marketing/communication courses that tie in to this story.  I […]

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Sunday morning musings

I’ve always loved John 16:33, “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” My heart has known that it’s a powerful verse, and this morning I realized it’s in the same way my heart found […]