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What?! A new post, finally! I know, I was so good about posting every week (or mostly every week) for almost two years now but I assure you I haven’t returned to my old ways of posting… intermittently at best. There are reasons for this most recent lack of posts (and social media and not reading or commenting on your posts – though that’s not entirely new). Partly life and family has kept me very busy. And even more, I’ve been plotting a blog evolution for several months now and therefore spent my time getting those pieces in place rather than working on weekly posts.

I am starting a monthly newsletter in place of this blog.

It’s going to be awesome. I’ll have a piece of short fiction every month; a deleted scene from one of my books or a new short story set in the Princess Kingdom or in a new world I’m currently building. They’ll feature characters from published books and forthcoming books. You’ll even get behind the scenes glimpses into new books.

I’ll also feature discussions from around the YA community, recommendations for books and authors that are awesome and other fun stuff.

All of this is not to say that I won’t be posting any more blog posts ever. I still have a few DIY Publishing posts drafted. And I’ll keep posting my end of year review because I find it quite a bit of fun. And occasionally there will be posts here and there when I feel I have something interesting to say (so yes, returning to my old ways a bit).

If you are subscribed to my blog via email than you’re also subscribed to the newsletter (you’ll be able to unsubscribe if the fun does not live up to your expectations but really if you like the blog this will be even better).

If you’re not receiving blog posts via email you can sign up at the end of this post or on my newly created newsletter page (or share it with a friend!).

The first newsletter will go out on Friday (Oct 7) and then on the first Friday of the month going forward.

Does does sound like a fun evolution? What would you like to see me include in upcoming newsletters?


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