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I’ve barely turned on my computer all last week. At some point (Mon or Tues) I decided I wanted to find the blog I read years ago with all the contract details, publishing insight and overall exceptional information. I had to look through some old notes too find a link but I made my way back to Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Blog.


I kid you not, it’s a Masters class in publishing. The kind you get from an internship instead of a university because it’s filled with hard truths, detailed info and the personal, real world experience of someone who has walked in pretty much every part of the business.

So I pocketed a couple dozen articles and have been reading them this past week. Quite a few were from 2011 (which were the ones I originally read) but of course she’s still blogging so many were more recent.

She’s also taken several of her past series and turned them into ebooks. Discoverability and Deal Breakers are the series I’ve been reading and the books I’m going to download so I don’t have to retrace my steps when I need them. If you’re a writer and you want to get published one way or another, Kristine’s blog and books are a must read.

Must. Read.

Six years ago she’s the reason I decided to be a hybrid author instead of relentlessly pursuing traditional publishing.

And now she has me thinking…
– About what I’ll do next (other than write my next book because I’m totally doing that).
– About what I want my blog to be after I finish my DIY series
– About my marketing strategy for the rest of the year. I’ve learned so much thus far, found great resources and made several valuable updates and adjustments. But I think it’s time to shift direction again.


And I’m thinking about how to write my next book. I’ve been contemplating Arizona on the back burner for years. But, like Tattered Heart, I really don’t know where to go with the plot.

I’ve tried a few different directions and haven’t fallen in love with the story yet.

The characters – yes.

The premise – totally.

But… the story, the what happens and what changes and most importantly how… no even more important than how is what makes it interesting.

I’ve switched genres, I know just after I start to feel comfortable plotting a fairy tale I change gears. This does not shock anyone who knows me. I’m still going to write the next story in the Princess Kingdom, I’m just writing this first.

Anyway, I don’t know how to make this story something the reader gets excited about. I keep feeling like I haven’t really clicked into it. Maybe just because it’s so early in the process. To paraphrase Amie Kaufman, I’m trying to build a sandcastle before I’ve filled in the hole.

But summer is waning and it’s time to hit the grindstone, or the beach to continue my sandcastle metaphor.

Maybe that’s really what I need… a trip to the beach.

I’m curious – if you’ve had a WIP that wasn’t clicking, how’d you get through it? And also, how’s your summer going?


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